Tommy's Baptism

Tommy getting dressed.

All dressed and ready for his big day.

Tommy and Mommy.

Charles shows his perspective of the event.

Father gives the intruduction.

Pa y attention to the symbols as we proceed.

The initial blessing.

The invocation of the saints.

the anointing with oil.

Blessing the water.

The meaning of the water.

The renewal of the Baptismal vows.

The baptism.

I baptize you ...

Anointing with the chrism.

Christ is the light of the world.

Putting on the garment of baptism.

The blessing of the mother.

The blessing of the father.

Mary Gate of Heaven alter. The windows brought in from Locust Gap.

Pop Pop Pop talking with Father Berger.

The Kings with Father Berger.

Tommy with his proud parents.

The Richard King Family.

Betty Jane and Dick share the pride.

The parents and godparents.

Grammie and the Old Lad get into the act.

Stephen, Chris and family share the happy day.

All the kings get together.

Chuck, Jen and Charles were there to take part in the big day.

Annie, Mary and Pop Pop Pop with the happy family.

Everyone gets into the act.

The end of a beautiful sacrament.