Michael's Baptism

Getting ready for his big day.

Last minute instructions.

The beginning of the naming ceremony.

Jen and Chuck watch with interest.

Michael receives his first blessing.

Father Ron prays over Michael.

Michael is presented to the Lord.

The Old Lad needs his glasses.

Processing to the tetrapod.

Michael attending at the liturgy.

Michael gets anointed.

Father Ron prepares to baptize Michael.

Michael is baptized into Christ. Michael receives ths Mystery of Chrismation.

Michael receives the Eucharist for the first time.

Michael rests after all the excitement.

Michael receives his gown.

The finishing touch.

Annie the Old Lad and Michael.

Father Ron Jen and Michael.

Father ron poses with the Keers.

Michael passes a blessing on to Charles.

The Blessed Virgin looks on.

Refueling for more pictures.

The proud grandparents,

Everyone smile!

Michael with Grammie and The Old Lad.

It is good to be together again.

One last memory.